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Welcome aboard the esteemed Cunard Cruise Line, where luxury meets tradition in the majestic waters of the world.

Cunard is not merely a cruise line but a venerable institution in maritime travel, known for its iconic transatlantic voyages and a commitment to excellence that dates back to 1840.

With its impressive fleet of queenly vessels, each ship offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication.

Dive deep into the details of the Cunard fleet, explore the variety of dining experiences available, and prepare for an array of entertainment and activities that cater to the refined traveler.

The Majestic Fleet of Cunard

Cunard’s fleet is renowned for its elegance and grandeur, featuring a selection of ships known as the Queens.

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Each class brings its own unique flavor to the Cunard experience:

Queen Mary 2

  • Queen Mary 2
  • Passengers: 2,691
  • Tonnage: 149,215 tons

Queen Elizabeth Class

  • Cunard Queen Elizabeth
  • Passengers: 2,081
  • Tonnage: 90,901 tons

Queen Victoria Class

  • Cunard Queen Victoria
  • Passengers: 2,061
  • Tonnage: 90,049 tons

Unique Selling Point

Cunard Cruises is synonymous with luxury cruising, offering an unparalleled experience that includes grand ballrooms, elegant afternoon teas, and sophisticated gala nights.

The line’s unique selling point is its rich maritime heritage combined with impeccable White Star Service that makes every guest feel like royalty.

Dining Delights on Cunard

Cunard takes dining seriously, with each ship boasting an array of restaurants catering to all tastes:

Onboard Dining Venues

  • The Britannia Restaurant (available on all ships): Offers a grand dining experience with gourmet multi-course meals.
  • The Verandah (Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria): French cuisine in an elegant setting.
  • Queens Grill (available on all ships): Luxurious dining exclusive to guests in the Queens Grill suites.
  • Golden Lion (available on all ships): A traditional English pub serving pub fare.

Specialty and Casual Options

  • Kings Court (Queen Mary 2): A casual buffet that transforms into themed dining venues at night.
  • Lido Buffet (Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria): Offers a relaxed dining experience with a variety of options.
  • Afternoon Tea (available on all ships): A Cunard signature served in the Queens Room with white-glove service.

Entertainment and Activities

Entertainment Highlights by Ship

  • Queen Mary 2: Planetarium shows, RADA Shakespeare performances.
  • Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria: Cunard Insights program, featuring lectures and talks from renowned experts.

Activities Onboard

  • Royal Spa (all ships): Offers a range of treatments for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Cunard ConneXions (all ships): Educational workshops and classes.
  • Royal Nights Themed Balls (all ships): Dance the night away in a grand ballroom setting.

Cabin Ratios and Best Times to Sail

Cunard ships generally feature more balcony cabins than inside cabins, with a high ratio of outside views to promote the grandeur and scenic enjoyment of sea travel.

The best time of year to sail with Cunard to avoid crowds is typically during the off-peak seasons of early spring and late autumn.

For the best pricing, consider booking during promotional periods, typically found in the early parts of the year.

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Embark on a Timeless Voyage with Cunard

Cunard Cruises invites you to step aboard and indulge in a timeless voyage marked by grandeur and tradition.

Whether you choose the classic transatlantic voyage aboard the Queen Mary 2, the refined elegance of the Queen Elizabeth, or the stately charm of the Queen Victoria, a journey with Cunard is more than a cruise—it’s a life experience.

Book your journey today and immerse yourself in the unparalleled luxury and historical elegance that only Cunard can offer.